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How Apappoint works

Appointment reminder.

By simply completing 5 form fields on your smart phone app or on your members section on our website, a series of SMSes are created, reminding your client/patient to make their follow-up appointment.

The 5 form fields the subscriber fills in are automatically used in a generic sentence to individualise the reminder SMS.

It will read as follows:

Dear Mr Trump1

Please remember to book you appointment (hypertension)2 with Dr Doolittle3 for January 20204 as requested on 14 June 20195 
Please dial 0101011010116 to book your appointment or to cancel this reminder.

Yours sincerely


where the following is listed

  1. Mr Trump - name of your client/patient (box 1 and 2 on your App).
  2. Hypertension - Reason for  appointment. Comes with a pre-programmed list according to the profession you registered when subscribed, but words/reasons can be added (box 4 on your App).
  3. Dr.Doolittle - name of your business as programmed at time of subscribing.
  4. Jan.2020 - month and year the client/patient is reminded to make a follow-up appointment for (box 3 on your App).
  5. 14 June 2019 - date on which client/patient consulted when you, the service provider, requested off him/her to follow up (automated).
  6. 010101101011 - contact telephone number of your business as programmed at time of subscribing.
  7. In addition you will add the cellphone number of the client where the sms will be sent..

The sentence/phrase used is generic and has specifically been chosen after consultation with various professionals and was found to be most suitable and best fits everyones needs.

Depending on when you would like your client or patient to follow up, an sms will automatically be sent according to a pre-programmed algorithm based on your selected period as below:

2 weeks: sms sent in 7 days time.

1 month: sms sent at 14 days and 21 days time.

2 months: sms sent at 28 days, and 42 days time.

3 months: sms sent at 56 days and 70 days time.

6 months: sms sent at 112 days, 140 days, and 154 days time.

9 months: sms sent at 196 days, 224 days and 252 days time.

12 months: sms sent at 252 days, 280 days and 322 days time.

18 months: sms sent at 420 days, 448 days and 476 days time.

24 months: sms sent at 560 days, 616 days and 658 days time.

Self Reminder Function

An additional function incorporated in Apappoint is an easy to use self reminder function.

By simply completing 2 fields in the “Create Self Reminder” page , the Apappoint subscriber can easily create a self reminder.

The Apappoint subscriber who created the self reminder will receive a notification on his mobile App and on the Apappoint members section of the website on the date selected. 

Field 1:  Short message containing keywords, phrases, telephone numbers etc. the user wishes to receive.

Field 2Date on which user wants to receive the reminder.

Self-reminders for future dates will be sent to the “user” at 08h00 on the date selected.

Self-reminders scheduled for the same day as on which it was created, will be sent within 2 hours from the time it was created (between the hours of 8h00 - 20h00) and remain on the home-screen of the mobile App and Apappoint website members section until deleted by the user. 

This easy to use function allows the Apappoint user to remember to follow up on clients/patients  or simply to remember general tasks (salaries, administrative duties, birthdays, etc.) 

Fast, Effective , Simple !!!